Oxford Biochar Certified for EU fertiliser and carbon-sink regulations

Oxford Biochar membership of the European Biochar Certification ensures, that we follow the strict EBC standards to deliver sustainable products to you from legal and sustainable EU sources in accordance with the EU Government’s Standard. By requiring the use of this assessment system, the European Biochar Certificate (EBC) will enable and guarantee sustainable biochar production, processing and sale. It is introduced to provide customers with a reliable quality standard, while giving producers the opportunity to prove that their products meet well-defined and recognised quality standards. 

We label all EBC products that with EBC certificate no. BINT-6828

European Biochar Certification (EBC)

The EBC was developed to limit the risks of biochar usages to the best of our scientific knowledge and to help the users and producers of biochar to prevent or at least to reduce any hazard for the health and for the environment while producing and using biochar. It further aims to provide a firm state-of-the-art knowledge transfer as a sound basis for future legislation (e.g. EU fertilizer regulations or carbon-sink regulations).