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Biochar Production

We use the most environmentally friendly Biochar making system with an efficiency of at least 25%, only using felled wood from sustainable woodlands from within 50 miles. This helps us fund privately owned woodlands and small businesses working in this value chain.

During our Biochar making process, we also create Wood Vinegar and a lot of smiles.

Oxford Biochar has been committed to the COP26 targets so enjoy our products and be proud that every time you buy from us you can be sure that you have the most sustainable produce available

Karl Ahmed – CEO

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Biochar Production since 2013
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Carbon Sequestrated

In addition to the above we planted 425 indigenous trees using biochar in 2019. Do you have a project that we can get involved with?


We have been using recyclable bags since 2013 to pack our Biochar and have not deviated for costs, we have recyclable jute bags for Big and little logs. We deliver locally using our own vans saving unnecessary CO2 between shipping partners and customers.