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Are you looking to manufacture high grade biochar? Or want help setting up a circular economy for your business to include carbon sequestration? Or simply want to chat about the benefits of Biochar in various applications, then we would love to hear from you!

Oxford Biochar also provides consulting services around biomass energy, waste-to-energy, management segments, hydroponics and technical systems. We have rich experience in project studies, project management and technology evaluation.

Interest in the use of biochar in agriculture has increased exponentially during the past decade. Biochar, when applied to soils is reported to enhance soil carbon sequestration and provide other soil productivity benefits such as reduction of bulk density, enhancement of water-holding capacity and nutrient retention, stabilization of soil organic matter, improvement of microbial activities, and heavy-metal sequestration.

Furthermore, biochar application could enhance phosphorus availability in highly weathered tropical soils. Converting the locally available feedstocks and farm wastes to biochar could be important under smallholder farming systems as well, and biochar use may have applications in tree nursery production and specialty-crop management. Thus, biochar can contribute substantially to sustainable agriculture. While these benefits and opportunities look attractive, several problems, and bottlenecks remain to be addressed before widespread production and use of biochar becomes popular.

Nevertheless, available indications suggest that biochar could play a significant role in facing the challenges posed by climate change and threats to agroecosystem sustainability.

With vast expertise in various aspects of biomass energy, waste to energy and waste management projects, be it pyrolysis technology, gasification or recycling. We have been working with entrepreneurs, project developers, investors technology companies, researchers for the past 7 years.

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