Biochar is a great technology that we're all re-discovering.

For the environment and perfect for the garden.

Biochar is a great balancing additive for many applications, and it’s great for the environment. Here at Oxford Biochar, we are experts in manufacturing Biochar for compost, soil enhancements, water filtration, animal feed and other food-related and cosmetic applications. What will you use it for? Let us know. We can help spread the word.

Why is our Biochar so good?

Oxford Biochar is the sister company to the world-renowned Oxford Charcoal, who have been manufacturing Sustainable Charcoal since 2013. Our Biochar is created from pure biomass, and its source is certified by Grown In Britain (GiB). It is not mixed or enhanced with foreign materials, because of this you can be confident it’s safe to use as animal feed and to grow food too.

Biochar (agrichar) may well be the ‘magic bullet’ to mitigate climate change, enhance soil fertility and promote biodiversity. It is scientifically proven that when it is reintroduced into our food chain, it can have incredibly positive effects on;

  • Carbon offsetting, through use in farming, aids plant growth and locks the carbon into the ground
  • Reduction of CO2 into the atmosphere, use in animal feedstock as a supplement helps reduce methane emissions and promotes better digestive activity.
  • Regeneration of new biochar stock, use of old biomass to create more Biochar and re-use to grow new trees and plants.

Having access to the most abundant supply of Biochar in the UK, Oxford Biochar has supplied Biochar to all verticals such as; Farming, Horticulture, Animal Feed, Water Filtration and Medical Applications. As part of our ongoing product development, we expect to add Soil Association and European Biochar certification during 2020.

Organic Biochar 5kg – Grow amazing Herbs & Food – Great for Animals


Organic Biochar 15kg – Grow amazing Herbs & Food – Great for Animals


Organic Biochar 1m3 bag – Grow amazing Herbs & Food – Great for Animals


Carbon Offset Voucher equivalent to planting 3 trees


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