Oxford Biochar Masks filters more than 98% of all viruses


Oxford Biochar Masks filters more than 98% of all viruses


Oxford Biochar re-usable Masks filter more than 98% of all bacteria, viruses and air pollutants. Including COVID as stipulated by the department of health UK. With inclusive activated charcoal filter technology, this mask will provide sustainable protection for you and your family over and above normal disposable masks.

4-Layer Technology, not 3 like most…

The masks filter out dust and pollution particles such as PM2.5 as well as bacteria and viruses using a unique quad layer filtration system. The first layer catches larger pollution particles such as dust, followed by the Three-Ply Micro Particulate Filter which stops nearly 100% of smaller particulate matter such as PM2.5.

Effective solutions for challenging times

The mask can be hand washed with washing powder and hot water.

The filters will last approx 11days each

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg

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