Carbon offset voucher equivalent to planting 3 trees


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Carbon offset voucher equivalent to planting 3 trees

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A unique program where we sequestrate Carbon rather than plant trees in a foreign country. Each voucher is like planting 3 new trees in the UK instantly!

Another good reason why we use Biochar…

Today, biochar research shows measurable, replicable improvements in crop productivity to levels that range from 50 to 200%. Just one application provides and maintains long-lasting soil fertility benefits that enhance carbon sequestration in the soil, thus fighting climate change.

Reduce carbon pollution by: Giving back more to the planet than you take. You’ll fund the highest standard climate projects to accelerate our transition to a sustainable future.

Simply choose the amount you would like to donate and we will use or gift the equivalent amount of biochar to a project that we have started or certified. Each purchase will be backed by a Certificate and you will be sent details of the project that we have funded.

1 voucher = 20kg of CO2 carbon offset


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