From One product we create many…


Our unique process which crystallises the CO2 asset from the wood, mitigates the CO2 from entering the atmosphere via simple decomposition. Other than creating graded Biochar which is 100% safe for animal feed as directed in the ‘EBC-certification of biochar as animal feed additive’ we create Pyroligneous Acid (Wood Vinegar) a powerful plant food supplement naturally extracted from the biomass. We use both hard and softwoods sourced within 50 miles of our facility and leave after being converted to a more useful product using the lowest carbon footprint.

Biochar isn’t a fertiliser or nutrient, but due to its surface structure (1g~300 m²) it serves as an ideal reservoir for water and nutrients (such as wood vinegar) and as a habitat for useful microorganisms. Due to its steadiness concerning degradation in the soil, biochar is a sustainable and durable soil improver. We are Grown In Britain Certified (GiB) which means we can provide full traceability of each batch made.

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