Biochar Applications Case Studies

Case study 1 Oxford Biochar and Woodland trust trail Biochar pilot with 425 trees In 2019 the company planted 423 trees in conjunction with the woodland trust to explore the benefits to tree growth. Using about 1/3 as control stock with no addition the remaining were planted using both activated and standard Biochar. 9 months […]

From One product we create many…

                 Our unique process which crystallises the CO2 asset from the wood, mitigates the CO2 from entering the atmosphere via simple decomposition. Other than creating graded Biochar which is 100% safe for animal feed as directed in the ‘EBC-certification of biochar as animal feed additive’ we create Pyroligneous Acid […]

Clean Sustainable wood for certified biochar

Our Biochar is probably the cleanest in the market, being made directly from green wood sourced from sustainable British woodlands. Its manufactured using our own kiln technology and graded so that it can be used for different applications. Our retort uses Pyrolysis to convert the wood into Biochar, heating the mass to 350 deg C but […]